Goals. Let's do this.


Last year I picked one word to focus on for 2012, and that word was "change." Generic, yes, a little, but it inspired me to make little changes here and there for the better that I might not have been determined enough to do otherwise.

1. Change my diet.

2. Change our cleaning methods.
I never updated the blog about this, but H and I have a daily system down. On Fridays I become a dusting, vacuuming, deep-cleaning machine. All bets are off during the holidays.

3. Change our living situation.
We moved in March, and it was a big game-changer. Our new place is so much better suited to our needs than our old place. I only have one complaint: LIGHTING. A photographer needs better natural light!

4. Change into a morning person.
Ha. That didn't happen. What did happen was that Alexa started sleeping in a little later, and my sanity has miraculously returned.

5. Change my blog focus.
I started slow-blogging before it was popular. I'm a trendsetter, what can I say?

6. Change my skills.
Behold the power of 33 Before 34. I'm nearly halfway through the list, and hopefully I will be able to complete it soon (even if it's after I turn 34).

Which leads me to ... my one word for 2013:


I feel like 2012 was a year of trying new things, changing things up to see what sticks. This year I feel like taking the bull by the horns. No dilly-dallying around!

A few calls to ACTION, broken down in categories because that's how I think:

1. Mind
  • Read 50 books. I read 30 in 2012; I can step it up a notch.
  • Take a photography class.
  • Break my block and start writing that second novel. So what if no one is interested in the first one. Even though it is excellent, and I'm not at all biased.

2. Body
  • Drop some weight to better prepare for Baby #2 (I'm not pregnant YET, just planning ahead).
  • No eating after 8 p.m.
  • Reinstate Saturday morning walks with the family.

3. Sanity
  • Go on a real vacation. We haven't been on one since June 2010. WHAT.
  • Take a few more "me" days. One day a year is not enough.
  • Waste less time on the Internet.
  • Set aside one hour every week to listen to new music, with headphones on and no distractions.

4. Projects
  • Compile a weekly roundup of everyday photos (inspired by Shutterbean).
  • Create a cookbook using family recipes (at least 34 recipes, because this will be my 34 Before 35 project).
  • Finish 33 Before 34 first.

5. Future

I have a few more (bigger) goals that I'm not quite ready to share yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me that they will come to fruition. When they do, I'll be sure to let you know!

What are your goals for 2013?

P.S. If you're reading this via RSS, click over to check out the blog's fresh new look. My favorite part: bigger photos. I've been toying around with it for a week or so, but I'm finally calling it good for the next few months. ACTION.

Note: My One Word inspiration comes from Elise, who was inspired by Ali.


  1. "Reinstate Saturday morning walks with the family." -- I love that one!! :)

    You can always come to Austin for your vacation. :)

    My goal is to save $$. In 2012, I became debt freeeeeeeee (knock on wood that it will continue!!). So, this year, I want to save up to have a down payment on a house/have an emergency fund/travel without using credit cards.

  2. I would love to hear more about your cleaning system! I have been trying forever to instate one and I just can't keep it up.

  3. What is slow blogging? I keep seeing people reference it. I need to Google!
    I need to jump on the "tell your finances who is boss" train. As well as a real vacation.
    Best of luck- I'm sure you'll do great!! :)

  4. I love these! I actually have quite a few of the same ones...just need to get around to posting about 'em. I'm actually trying out the whole "slow blogging" thing this year because a) I just don't have the time to post as often and b) I want this to be something I care to read through 10 yr. from now. Anyway, good luck with your goals!

  5. YES! I love these! You inspired me last year with the one word resolution and we are definitely doing it again. So much you can do with one word.

  6. Ooh! What's your word going to be?

  7. I hear you on A&B. I've noticed that the majority of my posts from the first year on this blog are not that great, not even something I want to read again. Slow blogging for me was about writing when I wanted to about what I wanted to. No more scheduled, rigid posts.

  8. 1. Give up on perfectionism (possible before having a kid, not now).
    2. Sweep kitchen and dining room after each meal. Vacuum living room carpet every other morning.
    3. Load dishwasher and tidy up living room after Alexa goes to sleep for the night. There's no way to keep the place clean while she's trashing it, unfortunately!
    4. Bedrooms, bathrooms get tidied, scrubbed and vacuumed every Friday.
    5. Laundry once a week (we do not have a washer/dryer in our apartment, so this is the most sane way for us to do it -- all at once).

    The biggest thing for me was to find a place for everything so there is less clutter in general. I can live with a little dust (or it can wait till Friday), but I don't like to see a pile of mail on my kitchen table!

  9. Debt freeeeee! (it's contagious) is such an awesome accomplishment. Kudos, girl!

    If I come to Austin, I know who can point me toward some good eats. ;-)

  10. Vanessa, wishing you lots of luck with your new plan of "action"!!! Happy New Year to your and the family!

  11. If you go to Austin, I'm stowing in your suitcase...You can always come to FoCo. We finally have a guest room now that we're almost empty nesters!!

  12. Oooh! *Taking notes for vacation spots.*


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