Observations on the 10 Freeway


The moon broke free of the clouds, and it all became clear to me. The fat raindrops that were beating down on my windshield, the swoosh-swoosh of the wipers. It was like a switch flipped and everything was in HD.

Before the channels were fuzzy with static, and there I was squinting into life. Always looking into the future can mess with your vision like that. What is the next move? What should I blog about? Should I blog at all? What are our plans for tomorrow? For next year? For our entire lives?

Being in the moment, the now, the here. The mellow sound of Foxygen is on the radio. It is a crisp 57 degrees. The moon is glowing bright over downtown, clouds framing its clarity. The traffic is going my way for once. Click-click-click, no one in my blind spot, no one to block my path. I can switch lanes. I can see the road.

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