Clickety click click.

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Stuff I've been clicking on lately:

» One small step for man or one small step frrr(uh) man?

» Speaking of small steps, I could see my feet in a pair of these sandals.

» Father and son sing "Don't Let Me Down." Warning: Cute overload. Ovaries may burst.

» Which TV show do you think is the best-written ever? The WGA starts its list with The Sopranos and Seinfeld. Yep, that sounds about right to me.

» I would so watch Married to a Mime.

» Real-life Twister action. These chasers got way too close; others paid with their lives. I don't get it. It's pure craziness. You'd only find me in the basement under the stairs in this kind of weather.

» Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison. That was good casting.

» I totally can't justify the cost of this stool, but it's cool nonetheless.

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