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I've been listening to Never Trust a Happy Song for several months now. It is my quintessential evening commute album because (a) it keeps me awake and (b) it makes me happy. According to Grouplove's album name I shouldn't trust them. Hmmm.

If you want to hear happiness in music form, you must listen to "Naked Kids." I'm probably on all kinds of government watch lists for Googling the words "grouplove naked kids," so you should just click on the link I provided to avoid being spied on by the government. Oh, wait. Too late.


Just when I started to get antsy waiting for more Grouplove music, they release a new song (and a new album is coming in September). "Ways to Go" is just as catchy, if not more, than anything on the previous album. This band is just as crazy-looking as I imagine. That is why I picture myself wearing a beachy/hippie/tie-dye outfit. And disheveled hair. Just freaking insanely disheveled. The closer to raging lunatic, the better.

Check out the new song below. Good luck getting the tune out of your head for the next hour.

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