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Stuff I've been clicking on lately:

» This bracelet makes me want to actually wear jewelry again for the first time in ... a long time.
» Have you ever heard the original version of Girls Just Want to Have Fun? (Not Cyndi Lauper.)
» The best songs of the year so far. There are some good ones in there.
» Would you feel slighted if your party guests didn't say goodbye?
» It would be hilarious if H put on one of my outfits. Could you imagine your significant other wearing your clothes?
» I love this guy's photography. "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" is my favorite.
» As long as I'm admiring art, check out Beth Hoeckel's surrealist point of view.
» I just can't get enough surrealism.
» The ice cream print by Old English Company needs to hang in my kitchen.
» According to this site, I should be drinking a microbrew mixed with lemon juice and gin right now.
» Are you ready to have a baby? Test yourself.
» New Mazzy Star!
» New Kings of Leon!

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