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On my playlist: Over the past few months, Spotify and I have become BFF. Tame Impala, Grimes and Haim have been on repeat lately. Also enjoying the new Cage the Elephant song "Come a Little Closer" and Foals' "My Number." Oh, and this song by Nonono gets stuck in my head all day long lately.

On my plate: I've been drinking smoothies like it's my job. Simple ones. Paleo-friendly ones, even (shocker of shocks!). The one pictured above is my version of a frappuccino: Coffee, honey, almond milk, cinnamon, splash of vanilla, ton of ice. Enjoy!

On my Kindle: I'm a few chapters into "The Ocean at the End of the Lane" and I think I'm in love. Mystery, magic, people choking on money. What's not to love?

On my Netflix: I haven't been watching much of anything lately, although H is trying to kill me with old episodes of The A-Team.

On my wish list: Good juju for a smooth flight and relaxing vacation for the three of us!

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